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TADA's cloud-based platform delivers business solutions at 1/10th the cost and 10 times faster than alternative products



TADA creates a digital duplicate of your entire operation using the semantics of your business.



We then connect data from disparate sources to enable a completely elastic 360 view of your business.



TADA aligns organizational thinking, inspiring real-time collaboration & problem solving on any device.

What’s the secret to TADA’s magic? We use your language and data to create your Digital Duplicate.

Explore how TADA is 10 times faster at one-tenth the cost.

Drowning in Data?

Is your disparate business data overwhelming or confusing the organization?  Are decisions being delayed, causing lost or diminished market advantage? Does your organization distrust its own data?

TADA Business Solutions Competive

TADA turns complexity into a competitive advantage

TADA unleashes innovative decision making and drives simplicity by aggregating existing information quickly and easily assimilating new information. Visualize and analyze data in ways that drive intuitive decision making. Get in touch to learn how TADA gives you the edge.

TADA Understands Your Business Language

TADA understands your business

TADA uses the language of your specific business and standardizes the language across your network. This revolutionary mapping creates a digital duplicate of your company, ensuring easy adoption within minutes. Learn what your digital duplicate can do for you.

TADA Unites Business Data

TADA drives data consistency

TADA harmonizes inconsistent data across multiple silos. Our unique way of creating a semantic network allows us to quickly integrate data from multiple sources. We create a 360 view of your business that allows team collaboration. Explore the benefits of all your data in one place.

TADA Fast Business Solutions

TADA is intuitive and super fast

Unlike traditional BI tools, TADA builds your digital duplicate, swiftly binds your data and creates unique insights that drive your decisions at 10X the speed. Get in touch and learn the advantages of TADA’s speed.

TADA Affordable Business Solutions

TADA is wildly affordable yet returns significant ROI

TADA reduces the need for large upfront investments in technology. TADA drives efficiency and performance improvement by complimenting and leveraging your existing investments…at 1/10th the cost. Ready to start saving?

What Our Customers Say

Visibility of the entire global footprint reduced product strategy development from 3 months to 5 days for 30 product groups.

Product sourcing executive of a global manufacturer

Multi-dimensioned market analysis identified best opportunity for 25-30% revenue growth.

CEO of a healthcare services provider

A common operating picture with visibility across 4,500 IT applications reduced overall cost of poor quality to the business units.

CIO of a Fortune 50 firm

Get in touch and learn how to transform business complexity into a massive advantage.

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